You’ve probably heard about Kratom at some point in time. Kratom is a popular supplement that when taken correctly, can create a variety of pleasant effects on the body, ranging from everything from helping you sleep to helping ease anxiety and stress. Kratom has numerous benefits and uses and many like to take Kratom to improve their motivation and energy at work. But with so many different kinds of Kratom, all of the different strains of it out there that do different things and have different side effects, it can be difficult to know which kind of Kratom to use. Well, look no further. Here are the top five Kratom strains that are best for boosting energy and getting you through those tough work days.

The first best strain is called Green Maeng Da Kratom. This strain is particularly potent and has strong, long-lasting effects. This strain is best suited for those who work in jobs that require either a lot of heavy physical activity or long periods of mental or creative thinking.

The second-best strain is called White Indo Kratom. This strain is also known to help ease pain, as well as boost energy levels. This particular strain is best suited for those who experience pain after a long day of work. This strain also won’t leave you with that jittery feeling that you often get after consuming caffeine.

The third best strain of Kratom is called Green Malay Kratom. This strain has one of the longest lasting effects, lasting up to seven whole hours. Its effects are slightly more mild than the previously mentioned two, however, it’s mood-boosting effects are well above par! It is best for those who work in social type jobs that require a perky attitude, such as; waiting tables, customer service, or sales.

The fourth strain is called Sumatran (either the white or green vein strains). This type of Kratom is great for boosting mood as well as long-lasting effects. The effects of this strain hit quickly and last for throughout the day. It is great for most any type of work and can leave you feeling a lot more energized and motivated throughout the day.

The final strain is called Thai Horned Leaf. This strain has great, long-lasting effects but contains highly social enhancing qualities. Of all the Kratom strains, this one is the most mood lifting.

So, whatever strain you decide is best, you are sure to get the energy and mood boost you need to get you through those tough days.